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A new

source of income

Selling on Amazon has allowed me to not need a job. I have never worked for anyone.

I have led a very different life than most people and with the FBA + Mentoring Program
I'm going to share my strategies with you so that you also have all the benefits.
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Earn Money Online
Selling on Amazon allows you to have anything from extra income to leaving your current job and living 100% off your sales.
More free time to be with your family or to enjoy what you like to do most.

Freedom to travel and see new places.
Like me, you can work from anywhere in the world.

A new hobby. Selling on Amazon is a lifestyle, creating brands and products is something I really enjoy.
It is never too late to learn something new, here you will find students of all ages.
Get out of debt.People's number one financial priority should be getting out of debt, so I'm also going to teach you amethodto get started with very little investment.

Earn Money and Achieve Your Freedom with Amazon

✅ Weekly Live Mentoring with Rod
✅ More than 15 0 Lessons.
✅ Learn to Sell like Rod Hilfer
✅ You will receive the SellerPro Certificate
✅ Learn the Mindset to undertake
✅ Access to the Private Student Community
  Exclusive Benefits for Students
✅ Updates included for life.

What you will learn

A Step by Step system

1) How to correctly open your account in Amazon Seller Central.

2) You will learn how to find winning products in 24 hours.

3) Search, contact and negotiate with suppliers in a professional manner.

4) You will learn how to import from China safely.

5) How to send your products to Amazon FBA.

6) You will create professional listings that convert.

7) You will learn how to make organic and PPC Advertising launches.

You will learn 5 ways to Earn Money

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PRIVATE LABEL. Create your own brand of products.

ARBITRAGE. Buy and resell products quickly and easily.

WHOLESALE. Buy and resell products from well-known brands.

DROPSHIPPING. Start selling with NO investment.

HANDMADE. Sell crafts and handmade items.

Lessons + Live Mentoring
+ Private Community for Students

In addition to the lessons, you will have access to Live Mentorships with Rod Hilfer to resolve all your doubts and get that extra push to start selling.

You will also have access to the Private Student Community to network, make friends, and find inspiration.
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You will save money.

I'll tell you how to save UP TO $818.97 USD.
Save $119.97 USD on Amazon's monthly commission

Save $449 USD on tools and apps

Save $150 USD for registering your brand

Save $100 USD on advertising services
Total Savings = $818.97 USD







  • Welcome

  • Presentation

  • Introduction to the Course

  • How to Join the Live Mentorships

  • How to Join the Student Community

  • Module 1 Summary

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Why Selling on Amazon is a Great Opportunity

  • Selling on Amazon is for You

  • Selling on Amazon USA from Other Countries

  • Minimum Budget to Start


Basic concepts

  • Module 2 Summary

  • Types of Accounts on Amazon

  • Business Models

  • How to Choose the Best Business Model for Me

  • What You Need to Open Your Seller Account

  • Ways to Source Products to Sell on Amazon

  • FBA vs. FBM

  • SEO – What It Is and Why It’s So Important

  • Buy Box – What It Is and How It Works

  • How to Ask for Help from Amazon Support

  • How to Calculate Profits

  • What is a Prep Center

  • Recommended Prep Centers




First steps

  • Open your account

  • Open a Business Account

  • Reasons for account suspension

  • Set up your account

  • Amazon Wallet

  • Payoneer

  • Receive payments from Amazon

  • Costs to sell


Private Label

  • What is a private label

  • Benefits of creating a private brand on Amazon

  • Brand types (niche vs. marketer)

  • How to create and build a brand

  • How to register a trademark in the United States and

  • How to correctly upload your brand on Amazon

  • Timeline: Private Label




Find winning products

  • What is a Winning Product

  • How to Find Winning Products (1)

  • How to Find Winning Products (2)

  • Recommended Categories

  • Tools for Finding Winning Products

  • Finding Winning Products with Black Box

  • Finding Trends with Helium 10

  • Extra Resources


Buy in China

  • Module 6 Summary

  • Alibaba vs AliExpress

  • Reliable Suppliers on Alibaba

  • Trading on Alibaba

  • What is a forwarder?

  • Inspect products without going to China

  • Requirements to import to the USA



Product registration

  • What Are Universal Codes and Where to Get Them

  • What is GTIN Exemption

  • UPC Exemption

  • How to Get Professional Photos

  • Listing Existing Products

  • Listing New Products

  • Listing Products with Variants

  • Listing Optimization

  • SEO Optimization


shipping of products

  • Set up FBM shipments

  • How to ship to Amazon FBA




  • When to Run an Advertising Campaign

  • Types of Advertising Campaigns

  • What is PPC

  • Creating an Automatic Advertising Campaign

  • Creating a Manual Advertising Campaign

  • Creating a Manual Advertising Campaign by Product

  • Sponsored Brands Campaign

  • Optimizing the Campaign (ROAS)

  • How to Analyze an Advertising Campaign



  • Introduction to Dropshipping

  • Reliable Suppliers for Dropshipping

  • Creating a Dropshipping Brand

  • Listing Products in FBM

  • Creating a Product for Dropshipping




  • Introduction to Handmade

  • How to open a Handmade account on Amazon

  • What to sell on Handmade

  • FBA or FBM in Handmade



  • What is Amazon Arbitrage

  • Buy Box – What It Is and How It Works

  • Where to Find Products for Arbitrage

  • Tools for Scanning Products

  • How to Use Keepa

  • Listing Arbitrage Products on Amazon

  • How to Use a VPN

  • How to Use a Prep Center for Arbitrage





  • Introduction to Wholesale

  • What is Wholesale

  • Traditional Method vs. No Investment Method

  • Requirements

  • Domain and Email Address

  • What is a Winning Product in Wholesale

  • How to Find a Winning Product: Big Brands

  • How to Find a Winning Product: Small Brands

  • Suppliers for Wholesale

  • Buying from a Distributor or Becoming One

  • How to Find Large Distributors

  • How to Find Small Distributors

  • How to Create Listings for Wholesale

  • How to Properly List Products in Wholesale

  • How to Ship to FBA

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Wholesale Timeline



  • How to Get Reviews

  • Difference Between Coupons and Deals

  • How to Set Up a Coupon

  • Amazon Vine

  • How to Register a Product in Amazon Vine

  • Amazon Inspire

  • Launch Strategy

  • What to Do If a Product Is Not Selling

Tiro de bolos



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

New Module

  • How to Create Listings with AI

  • Listings with Amazon AI

  • What is ChatGPT

  • How to Properly Use ChatGPT

  • Brand Names with AI

  • Creating a Logo with AI

  • Finding Winning Niches with AI



  • Here you will find all the mentoring sessions for each week.

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  • Exclusive Student Community

  • Live Mentorships

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Begin to
Sell on Amazon
and achieve your financial freedom

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